RESTON, Va. – Four business units of General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) will participate in the Association of the U.S. Army’s 2021 Annual Meeting & Exposition to showcase innovation that enables multi-domain operations for the U.S. Army, including the ability to interoperate with key allies around the world.

General Dynamics, a global aerospace and defense company with a broad portfolio of products and services including combat vehicles, weapons systems, munitions and C4ISR solutions, will highlight how it enables the Army’s cross-functional teams by developing new, innovative and affordable solutions that meet their core needs.

Media are invited to visit our innovative solutions at the locations listed below.

WHEN: October 11-13, 2021 | Visit for symposium hours and admissions information.

WHERE: Exhibit Halls D&E (level 2), Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

  • Booth 6027: General Dynamics Land Systems
  • Booth 6227: General Dynamics Mission Systems, General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada and General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)
  • Booth 6041: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems




General Dynamics Land Systems (Booth 6027)


Katalyst Next Generation Electronic Architecture (NGEA): Land Systems’ new, modular open architecture features scalable and modular hardware and software for Next Generation Capabilities. It significantly improves warfighter effectiveness via enhanced mobility (obstacle avoidance, path planning); lethality (object detection, object identification/recognition, automated target prioritization); and survivability/reconnaissance (360-degree situational awareness, see-through armor, terrain analysis). Katalyst NGEA also provides core capabilities such as computing, sensor fusion and processing, and power management and distribution. It provides unparalleled performance and size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) to support evolving needs.


Tracked Robot 10-Ton (TRX)Tracked Robot 10-Ton (TRX): Part of the Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M) class, TRX features innovative thinking, ranging from its AI-enhanced design to advanced, lightweight materials and a hybrid-electric propulsion system. TRX sets a new best-in-class payload capacity to accommodate any mission equipment package. TRX’s power and size make it an ideal platform for multirole MUM-T on today’s battlefield. TRX is positioned to provide superior performance as an enabling technology in a myriad of critical battlefield roles, including direct and indirect fire, autonomous resupply, complex obstacle breaching, counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS), electronic warfare (EW), reconnaissance and other battlefield missions.


Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT): MUTT is a semi-autonomous robotic platform that reduces physical burden on the dismounted Soldier and can be equipped with an array of Modular Mission Payloads. It is the most intuitive, capable and reliable UGV ever produced and the first of its kind to be selected for service alongside dismounted troops. MUTT uses unique methods of control, such as the dismount following tether or the easy-to-use one-handed RC controller, which minimize Soldiers’ physical and cognitive loads during dismounted missions. General Dynamics Land Systems’ MUTT was selected by the U.S. Army in July 2020 for the Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (S-MET) program.  Future capabilities will include autonomous resupply, counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS); chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); electronic warfare (EW); direct fire and indirect fire.


Autonomous Vehicle Sustainment (AVS): Moving from reactive to predictive maintenance, Land Systems’ Prognostic & Predictive Maintenance solution optimizes equipment performance and increases operational readiness while reducing the Army’s cost of ownership of vehicle fleets. The on-platform health, usage, monitoring system is integrated with next generation electronic architecture to provide forward-looking, real-time decision actionable logistics information.


Stryker Innovations: Land Systems continues to reimagine the Army’s largest and most reliable combat vehicle fleet. On display at AUSA will be scale models of Stryker variants for maneuver short-range air defense (M-SHORAD), counter-electronics and counter- drone swarm, and a 155mm mobile Howitzer with an ammo resupply vehicle.



General Dynamics Mission Systems and GDIT (Booth 6227)

Live Training Demonstration: Mission Systems will feature a Live Training solution providing a software-based, tailorable, and fully immersive training experience based on the M320 weapon system. Partnering with the best of industry to leverage commercial off-the-shelf technologies, this training platform provides capabilities now and sets the foundation for future live training solutions supporting the Army’s complex, multi-domain fight.

Google Cloud Anthos Demonstration: In collaboration with Google Cloud, Mission Systems will demonstrate how the Google Anthos platform can be adapted to automate application deployment and configuration management in a disconnected, intermittent and limited environment in support of operations at the tactical edge, thus making mission planning easier, faster, and more collaborative. Attendees will be able to observe the seamless traversing of disparate networks to a common, cloud-based, data storage solution that provides continuity of data.

Multi-Domain Operations Weapons System (MDOWS) Vehicle

milCloud® 2.0: The contract that provides both on-premise and off-premise cloud offerings, milCloud® 2.0 provides a one-stop shop for defense mission partners. Accelerate warfighter capability through cloud transformation to ensure data from sensors, users and applications operating on and across JADC2 can be trusted and leveraged more universally.

Multi-Domain Operations Weapons System (MDOWS) Vehicle: MDOWS is a modular, scalable, platform independent capability that provides electronic warfare support and attack (ES/EA) capabilities. It is a key enable for multi-domain operations in delayed, disconnected, intermittent, and limited environment enabling long range precision fires. It enables rapid repositioning and dynamic ES/EA for expeditionary operations and features a tethered drone to bridge the ISR gap and to boost speed, precision, and lethality on the battlefield.

Shadowcat™ Radio

Shadowcat™ Radio: The new Shadowcat radio provides a modern, affordable, resilient radio for squad level communications in contested environments. The radio’s advanced RF technology makes it less detectable and susceptible to interference and jamming attempts of the radio’s transmission by adversaries. As additional Shadowcats are added to the network, they work together offering the resilience of distributed cooperative beamforming that increases the effective signal power, increases communication range, and provides directional diversity to overcome physical obstructions, e.g. foliage, buildings, and jamming.

Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS): General Dynamics Mission Systems has teamed with Dedrone, the market leader in airspace security, through a value-added reseller agreement to integrate its mission-critical solutions with Dedrone’s drone detection and defeat technologies. The Dedrone C-UAS technology portfolio combines machine-learning software with best-in-class hardware sensors, electronic attack methods such as smart jamming, and defeat weapons to provide early warning, classification of, and mitigation against drone threats.

GPS Source Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (APNT) and GPS Data Transmission: APNT and GPS signal retransmission solutions such as the Mounted Assured PNT (MAPS GEN-1) solution and the ECHO-II Smart Repeater provide critical timing and position data in GPS denied and degraded environments. MAPS GEN-1, based on the GPS Source SENTRySCOUT™ system, provides valid and APNT data, independent of the availability or integrity of GPS signals. The core of the MAPS GEN-1 system, the ED3 PNT Hub, is widely utilized in a variety of ground vehicle applications and is the lead platform for Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) making the ED3 your path to M-Code. MAPS GEN-1 is currently being fielded by the Army and the next generation of APNT system is currently in development. When GPS indoor transmission is the primary concern, the ECHO-II is a reliable signal repeater ideal for ground vehicles, aircraft, and buildings when time-to-first-fix is critical.

SATCOM-on-the-Move® (SOTM)SATCOM-on-the-Move® (SOTM): General Dynamics SOTM antennas provide secure, beyond-line-of-sight communications for troops operating in remote locations. Designed for rugged tactical environments, these antennas can be mounted on fast-moving vehicles, aircraft, and UAVs to provide reliable X, Ku, or Ka Mil and commercial band satellite communications anytime, anywhere.

TACLANE® Family of Encryptors: TACLANE - the most widely deployed family of High Assurance Type 1 certified encryptors in the world - has been protecting critical information and securing national security systems for over 20 years. Building on that legacy, the TACLANE portfolio continues to modernize and advance technology to protect against advanced threats of today and future proofing for tomorrow. Four TACLANE encryptor models will be on display at AUSA.

SD9000 Tactical DisplaysSD9000 Tactical Displays: General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada’s D9000 tactical displays will make their North American debut at AUSA. Whether installed on a light armored vehicle, infantry fighting vehicle, or main battle tank, these ultra-high-definition units display multiple high-resolution feeds from any sensor or camera with extremely low latency. This enables more efficient decision-making, driving, targeting, and stabilization in real time. The SD9000 series offers crystal clear visibility of surroundings and improved detection of obstacles. These displays can withstand the harshest environments without compromising performance.

Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM): Through integrated, commercial technology, GDIT’s ICAM solution is at the foundation for the DoD Zero Trust Strategy. By providing context-driven security, GDIT is giving new meaning to assured identity.

Trusted Enterprise Data Delivery – enables greater levels of situational awareness and operational cohesion. GDIT’s new concept transports critical data from across the enterprise to where it is needed in support of network operations. This solution ties together multiple capabilities from within the General Dynamics enterprise and leverages existing Army investments – all to accelerate Unified Network Operations.


General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (Booth 6041)

Iron Fist Light Active Protection System (APS)

Iron Fist Light Active Protection System (APS): The Iron Fist Light is an active protection system that uses independent optical sensors, tracking radar, launchers and countermeasure munitions to defeat threats at a safe distance from the defended combat vehicles. The system provides 360-degree protection coverage for close-range scenarios in both open terrain and urban environments. Its low size and weight, versatile high-performance, ability to minimize residual penetration and ease of integration position Iron Fist Light as an optimal active protection solution for any fighting vehicle.

SMArtER155 Cannon-Delivered Area Effects Munition (C-DAEM): The SMArtER155 projectile is designed to meet the U.S. Government’s C-DAEM requirements by providing ground forces with the capability to engage and destroy armored combat vehicles in a GPS denied environment from both the 39 caliber and 58 caliber weapons systems. SMArtER155’s dual-submunition load-out, extended range and increased lethality delivers overmatch against adversaries and provides the warfighter with an advantage on the modern, high-intensity battlefield.

XM1113ER: The XM1113ER combines guidance capability with warhead lethality to form a solution compatible with the Army’s future Extended Range cannon Artillery System. The ability to fire to a range of 42 kilometers from a 39-caliber cannon and more than 70 kilometers from a 58-caliber cannon provides greater stand-off distance for artillery forces from enemy fire, enhancing performance and increasing safety for the artillery warfighter.

Individual Assault Munition (IAM)Individual Assault Munition (IAM): Nested in the U.S. Army’s Soldier Lethality requirement, the IAM is a force enabler that will allow U.S. forces to dominate complex and urban terrain and to engage targets from protected positions without exposing soldiers to enemy fires and effects. The one-shot disposable, shoulder launched weapon will combine all the best capabilities of the M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon, M136 Anti-Tank Weapon, M136E1 M136E1 and M141 Bunker Defeat Munition, and replace with a single munition. GD-OTS and Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) have teamed to offer superior shoulder launched technology, leveraging DND’s Recoilless Grenade Weapon family of shoulder launched munitions to satisfy the IAM requirements.


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