A leadership team focused on our commitments.

General Dynamics' executive leadership is committed to creating shareholder value and delivering superior products and services to our customers.

For information about the General Dynamics Board of Directors and our commitment to good corporate governance, visit our Investor Relations hub.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Phebe N. Novakovic
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Executive Vice President

John P. Casey
Executive Vice President, Marine Systems
Christopher Marzilli
Executive Vice President, Information Technology and Mission Systems
Mark C. Roualet
Executive Vice President, Combat Systems

Senior Vice President

Jason W. Aiken
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Gregory S. Gallopoulos
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Thomas W. Kirchmaier
Senior Vice President for Planning, Communications and Trade Compliance
Kimberly A. Kuryea
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Vice President

Ira P. Berman
Vice President
Senior Vice President, Administration and General Counsel, Gulfstream
Christopher J. Brady
Vice President
President, Mission Systems
Mark L. Burns
Vice President
President, Gulfstream
Daniel G. Clare
Vice President
Chief Financial Officer, Gulfstream
David H. Fogg
Vice President, Treasurer
Jeffrey S. Geiger
Vice President
President, Electric Boat
Firat H. Gezen
Vice President
M. Amy Gilliland
Senior Vice President
Kevin M. Graney
Vice President
President, NASSCO
Kenneth R. Hayduk
Vice President, Tax
Dirk A. Lesko
Vice President
President, Bath Iron Works
William A. Moss
Vice President, Controller
Alfonso J. Ramonet
Vice President
Howard A. Rubel
Vice President, Investor Relations
Elizabeth L. Schmid
Vice President, Government Relations
Robert E. Smith
Vice President
President, Jet Aviation
Gary L. Whited
Vice President
President, Land Systems