Partnering with GD

At General Dynamics, achieving customer satisfaction is a fundamental objective

We are looking for suppliers that enable us to work within time, quality, cost and technical-performance constraints, with a continuous focus on customer requirements.

General Dynamics established a Supply Chain Management Council (SCMC), comprising senior representatives from all of General Dynamics’ business units, to ensure we capture the value created by our supply-chain function and help achieve our customers’ requirements for relevant, affordable and capable products and services. The SCMC is responsible for leveraging resources, sharing technologies and processes and collectively pursuing technology-driven opportunities to meet the corporation’s objectives.

While the SCMC is a collaboration of individuals from across General Dynamics, each of our 10 business units has independent responsibility to choose its supply partners. This gives prospective supply partners many opportunities to offer their products and services and we encourage you to work with multiple business units.

Each business unit continually looks for partners that are committed to being leaders in process-improvement initiatives, providing the best value to our customers and improving our competitiveness in the marketplace.

To become a partner of General Dynamics, please visit the “Where to Start” section of this website or go directly to our supplier registration portal to enroll.

What We Look For

General Dynamics acquires vast amounts of materials and services to carry out our manufacturing, engineering, services and administrative functions. Because of the size and scope of our company, the types of products and services we seek run across a wide spectrum of categories.

To best serve our customers, we want to open doors and develop relationships with partners that fulfill the growing needs across this spectrum. Examples of some products and services we look to our partners to provide include:

  • Durable goods
  • Transportation equipment
  • Industrial and commercial machinery
  • Computer equipment
  • Fabricated metal products
  • Engineering, accounting, research and management services
  • Transportation by air
  • Special trade construction contractors
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Motor freight transportation
  • Automotive repair, services and parking
  • Stone, clay, glass and concrete products
  • Lumber and wood products
  • Janitorial services
  • Hotels and dinning accommodations
  • Health services
  • Public order and safety

Companies interested in partnering with General Dynamics can learn more by exploring information about where to start and how to match their capabilities and become a supplier.