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Listed below are sources of information on a variety of topics that might be of value as you explore General Dynamics.

GD Businesses 

If you have questions about our businesses and their products, please visit our business unit contact page.


To learn more about doing business with General Dynamics, please visit the supply chain section of this site and enroll on the General Dynamics Enterprise Supplier Management Portal

The list of Small Business Liaison Locator (SBLO) contacts can be found GD’s Supplier Management Portal.


For shareholders with questions about GD, please visit the Investor Relations section of our website or contact our investor relations team


For information about payroll and benefits, visit our employee web page. For our retirees, please visit the General Dynamics benefits service center website at or contact 1-888-432-3633. Out of respect for our employee’s personal privacy and security, we cannot provide information about specific individuals. This includes email addresses and telephone numbers.

Ethics Helpline

GD operates an ethics helpline website and you can also contact an ethics representative by phone.

Job Seekers

For more information about employment opportunities or to submit a resume, visit our careers section.