Health Plan Price Transparency: Links to Machine Readable Files

Federal law (the Transparency in Coverage final rule and other implementing guidance, issued pursuant to the Affordable Care Act) requires that certain group health plans and health insurance issuers make certain pricing information publicly available via “machine-readable files” (MRFs). The information relates to in-network provider negotiated rates and historical out-of-network allowed amounts and billed charges. The disclosure requirement is effective beginning July 1, 2022, for plan or policy years that start on or after January 1, 2022.


Below are links to the MRF information prepared by our health plan carriers and third-party administrators. To link to each carrier’s MRFs, please click on the link provided and follow the below direction. Note that the files available through the links below will indicate the last time the information was updated.


NOTE: The information in the MRFs is published in a federally-prescribed layout and format. The information included in the MRFs is not primarily aimed at individual enrollees but rather at other health care stakeholders, such as researchers, regulators, lawmakers, and patient and consumer advocates, in an effort by Congress to strengthen America’s health care system, for example, by providing information to develop tools and gather information to support consumer choice. As a result, the MRFs may not be reader-friendly for individual health plan participants.



DISCLAIMER: Nothing in the above, including the MRFs, shall be construed as part of the official legal plan documents of any General Dynamics Corporation benefit plan.  Benefits under such plans will be administered in accordance with the terms of the applicable legal plan documents (as interpreted by the plan administrator). As always, General Dynamics Corporation reserves the right and discretion to interpret the terms of its benefit plans and to amend or terminate its benefit plans at any time in accordance with applicable law.


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