Environmental Responsibility

General Dynamics is committed to reducing our global environmental impacts across our business, from increasing our recycling goals to decreasing energy usage.

General Dynamics:

  • operates our facilities in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and in a way that is protective of the health and safety of our employees, surrounding communities and the environment;
  • strives to be a leader in improving environmental quality, by minimizing waste and emissions, reusing and recycling, reducing the use of natural resources and promoting pollution prevention efforts throughout the company;
  • reviews our facilities and programs on a regular basis and establishes goals for continuous improvement in the environmental arena;
  • integrates environmental considerations into business planning and decisions, including in design, procurement, production, facilities management and product support;
  • promotes a workplace in which all employees are properly trained to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, to meet environmental program goals and to take personal responsibility for protecting the environment;
  • works with our customers to meet their environmental needs and goals consistent with the company's environmental compliance and management programs; and
  • implements a management system for environmental matters at each business unit that is compliant with the most current edition of ISO 14001.

Greenhouse Gas Emission

Our business units have flexibility to manage environmental matters in a responsible manner in tune with their communities and that is most appropriate for their specific business, considering specific competitive landscapes and customer demands and priorities.