Electric Boat is one of the nation's premier submarine builders.

Established in 1899, Electric Boat delivered the first submarine to the U.S. Navy in 1900, beginning a century-long history of accomplishment.

Electric Boat has designed and delivered 15 of the U.S. Navy's 19 classes of nuclear submarines. Now in its second centennial of submarine building, Electric Boat is the design yard and prime contractor for the Virginia-class submarine program and we are developing the next-generation of ballistic-missile submarines to replace the Ohio class.

Virginia-class Submarine

Virginia-class submarines are designed from the keel up for the full range of 21st century mission requirements, including anti-submarine and surface ship warfare and special operations support. These submarines excel in littoral and open-ocean environments and collect intelligence critical to irregular warfare efforts with advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. The 377-foot long submarines are capable of submerged speeds of more than 25 knots and can stay submerged for up to three months at a time.

Columbia-class Ballistic Missile Submarine

The 12-boat submarine program will provide strategic deterrent capabilities well into the 2080s, when the current Ohio-class fleet reaches the end of service life starting in 2027. The lead ship is slated to start construction in 2021, with delivery to the Navy in 2027.