General Dynamics at AUSA 2016: Ready Today to Prepare America’s Army for the Future


At the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) 2016 Annual Meeting & Exposition, General Dynamics is featuring innovative technologies, capabilities and interactive demonstrations designed to help prepare the U.S. Army and U.S. allies for the future. General Dynamics’ offerings provide increased firepower, unmatched mobility, operational effectiveness, cyber-security and overall efficiency for a decisive advantage on the global stage.


October 3-5, 2016

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Exhibit Hall D (upper level), Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D. C.

Booth 6029: General Dynamics Land Systems

Booth 6229: General Dynamics Mission Systems

Booth 6043: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

Exhibit Highlights:

  • In Booth 6029, Land Systems is demonstrating its new, non-developmental medium-weight ground combat vehicle. Additionally, on display is the tested Stryker with the MEHEL 2.0 (Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser). 
  • Mission Systems is showcasing its approach to simplifying and hardening the network while reducing size, weight, power and cost.
  • The Flyer Family of lightweight tactical vehicles is on display in various configurations, as well as the newest offering in Active Protection Systems and a variety of armaments and munitions, in Booth 6043.

General Dynamics Land Systems: Booth 6029

Demonstrating a New Series of Firepower: Land Systems’ lethal, medium-weight tracked vehicle demonstrator, the Griffin, combines the DNA of the Abrams turret and 120mm gun with innovations from the company’s full series of ground combat vehicles. 

Experience Stryker Lethality: Land Systems’ Oculus Rift brings the lethality requirement for the Stryker Brigade Combat Team to virtual reality. An immersive demonstration shows how the 30mm will support dismounted soldiers.  

The Laser Designed to Defeat Targets: Our Stryker exhibit, the MEHEL 2.0, is equipped with a 5kW beam director. Designed to defeat emerging threats on the battlefield, Land Systems is partnering with the Space Missile Defense Command and Boeing to bring this new capability to tactical edge of the battlefield.

Land Systems is also exhibiting additional vehicles and capabilities throughout the exhibition hall, including the LAV Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) equipped with a 30mm cannon and a 4x4 Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT) with a mounted .50 caliber weapon.

General Dynamics Mission Systems: Booth 6229

Tactical Communications Node-Lite: The new and enhanced Tactical Communications Node-Lite (TCN-L) is displayed, with a greatly reduced footprint and improved transportability for expeditionary operations (C-130 roll-on/roll off and CH-47 sling loadable). Integrated on a Humvee, the TCN-L provides the same networking and network management capability to command posts as a TCN while reducing the complexity to install, operate and maintain the Army’s mobile tactical communications network.

Network on the Move (NOTM): This capability provides a Command, Control and Communication (C3) hub integrated onto a 60-inch wide Flyer vehicle that is internally transportable on an MV-22 Osprey aircraft. NOTM improvements continue to drive reductions in size, weight, power and cost of operating the network. General Dynamics has developed an expeditionary communications platform that leverages the Flyer 60, USSOCOM’s internally transportable vehicle.   

Network Simplification: Mission Systems is working to greatly reduce the complexity of establishing the network and related training requirements by leveraging design and usability inputs from end users. The company will demonstrate these network simplification efforts through the WIN-T Network Operations capabilities. This follows the successful effort to reduce complexity in the Soldier Network Extension (SNE) and Point of Presence (PoP) deployed to company and battalion commanders, respectively.

The Fortress Wireless Deployable Broadband Kit: These kits provide an easily transportable, all-in-one solution that enables soldiers to quickly establish or extend an LTE or Wi-Fi network anytime, anywhere in the harshest environments. The kits are customizable to support both Fortress LTE and Fortress Wi-Fi Mesh configurations to provide wireless ‘always-on” access to vital information including real-time imagery, voice and data. The display features a fully configured kit, including mast.  

Fourth Generation SATCOM On-The-Move™ Antenna Terminals: This new terminal delivers private, secure voice, video and data satellite communications when users are remotely located or where there is limited access to a satellite network infrastructure. Ruggedized for the most challenging operational environments, General Dynamics SOTM terminals maintain connectivity with satellite networks using the terminal’s trusted gyro-stabilization and high-pointing accuracy.

Networking Radios: The AN/PRC-155 Manpack two-channel networking radio is the only fielded tactical radio to successfully connect and maintain communications on the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) communications network. The AN/PRC-155 is the vital linkage for embedded special operators to communicate, share intelligence and securely reach back to command centers.

Cyber and Electronic Warfare Systems (CEWS): Mission Systems will feature a number of cyber products that help ensure the safety of the nation and mission success for the Army, including TACLANE® network and ProtecD@R® Data-at-Rest encryptors, and the Sectéra® vIPer™ Universal Secure Phone.

C4ISR Solutions for Armored Vehicles: A variety of proven, highly ruggedized products for land tactical systems are featured in the booth, including embedded computers, displays, smart power distribution equipment, wired and wireless communications equipment and networking products. Subject matter experts will discuss multimedia information distribution, display, recording and storage; intra- and inter-platform networking; smart power supplies; and the next generation of low-latency 360 degree situational awareness displays for drivers.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems: Booth 6043

The Flyer Family of Lightweight, Tactical Vehicles: Highly mobile, fully modular, Internal and External Air Transport (IAT) compliant, military-grade, mission-ready vehicles. 

  • The Flyer 72 is shown in two configurations: One in for the Army LRV, carrying a crew of six with a 30mm lightweight machine gun with a payload capacity of more than 5,000 pounds and internally transportable in a CH-47. The second is the Army GMV configuration, which carries a crew of nine and can be internally transported in a CH-47 or underslung from a UH-60 helicopter.
  • The Flyer 60 is shown in a five-man configuration with the company’s .50 cal M2 machine gun. It has a payload capacity of 4,500 pounds and can be internally transported in V-22 and CH-47 or underslung on a UH-60 helicopter.   

.50 caliber Reduced Range Ammunition (RRA): Currently type-classified with the U.S. Navy, it provides the same ballistic characteristics and performance of full-range operational ammunition out to 1,000 meter match distance. The cartridge is designed to function in M2HB and QCB machine guns, and most common sniper rifles at extreme temperatures, without any auxiliary equipment or modifications. The .50cal RRA will be featured in the 2017 Army Expeditionary Warfare Experiment to be held at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Active Protection System: General Dynamics, in cooperation with IMI Systems, is showing the new Iron Fist Light (IFL) Active Protection System (APS), a generic add-on configuration applicable for all kinds of armored platforms. IFL provides 360-degree protection coverage for close-range scenarios, in open terrain and urban environments. The system’s compact dimensions facilitate rapid integration onto combat vehicles where size, weight and power constraints are a challenge.