General Dynamics Delivers Powerful Tactical Network and Radios for Army’s NIE 12.2 Exercise

NIE 12.2 tests WIN-T Increment 2 while more than 700 JTRS Manpack and Rifleman Radios connect brigade forces.

WHITE SANDS, N.M.– In the largest deploymentyet of the General Dynamics-developed JTRS HMS Manpack and Rifleman Radios and the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) network, the U.S. Army is now conducting realistic operational evaluations of the next generation of high-speed communications equipment developed for ground forces. WIN-T Increment 2 and the JTRS Manpack andRifleman radios form the baseline for the Army’s on-the-move tactical network. These two networking programs of record arecompleting operational testing at the Network Integration Exercise (NIE) 12.2 at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., through the end of May.

TheJTRS HMS Manpack radio (AN/PRC-155) provides line-of-sight andbeyond-line-of-sight, high-bandwidth waveforms for on-the-move voice, sensor, dataand position-location capabilities on soldiers or in vehicles.The PRC-155 two-channel networking manpackradio is the first tactical radio capable of supporting all three non-proprietaryJTRS networking waveforms and is engineered to easily port additional JTRSwaveforms as they complete development.  Nearlyfive pounds-per-channel lighter and with twice the communications andnetworking capabilities of some single-channel manpack radios, the PRC-155 is alsointeroperable with radios that U.S. forces are currently using, includinginterim radios that cannot meet the networking requirements of the futureforce. 

ThePRC-155 Manpack radio has been a part of all three NIE exercises and is theonly Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) radio undergoing Multi-service OperationalTest and Evaluation at NIE 12.2.

Inaddition, over 700 JTRS HMS networking radios are deployed at NIE 12.2.More than 20 percent smaller thancurrent tactical handhelds, and with battery life of over ten hours, the PRC-154 Rifleman Radio isthe government-issued networking radio of choice for dismounted soldiers, and theonly SRW-capable radio proven in combat.  When size, weight and power limits constrainvehicle integration options in vehicles needing networked communications, theRifleman Radio also mounts to a ‘Sidewinder’ accessory that provides poweramplification and is compatible with standard military mounting trays andvehicle intercom systems.  The Sidewinderaccessory/Rifleman Radio combination, which premiered at the previous NIE 12.1 asa system under evaluation, is also part of the NIE 12.2.

“TheHMS Manpack and Rifleman Radios are the only tactical radios that have been ‘systemsunder test’ at the NIE 12.2 events.Thismeans that detailed performance data, such as message completion rate, has beengathered and analyzed by independent observers while soldiers stress thesystem.  This rigorous testing often revealsoperational issues that are not evident in field or laboratory evaluations,which can then be addressed before products are deployed to the field,” saidChris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems.  “HMS program radios are the only radios that havealready been evaluated and had their test findings addressed.'

TheHMS program mission is to develop and produce affordable networking tacticalradio systems that meet the requirements of the Army, Navy, Air Force, MarineCorps and Special Operations Forces communities.A success story for the Army’s AgileAcquisition process, both the PRC-155 and PRC-154 radios are planned fordeployment with the first integrated group of network technologies that will befielded to Army Brigade Combat Teams, starting in the fall of 2012.

GeneralDynamics is also the prime contractor for the Army’s number one modernizationpriority, the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T). Undergoinginitial operational testing at NIE 12.2, WIN-T Increment 2 extends the networkfor Brigade Combat Teams down to company level and provides on-the-move capabilitiesto commanders and staff at division through company levels.

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