General Dynamics to Acquire IPWireless, Inc.

Wireless broadband end-to-end solution provider positions GeneralDynamics to deliver integrated multi-agency municipal networks that fulfill first-responders’growing bandwidth requirements.

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) announced today that it has executed a definitive agreement to acquire IPWHoldings, Inc., the parent company of IPWireless, Inc., a provider of 3G and 4GLTE wireless broadband network equipment and solutions for first-responder andmilitary customers.The value of the cashtransaction has not been disclosed.

Theacquisition has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies andis subject to normal regulatory review. General Dynamics expects thetransaction to be completed in the third quarter of 2012.

IPWirelessproduces wireless-network components, user devices and end-to-end systems thatenable first-responders and other mobile users to access lifesaving data andapplications at very high speeds, making tools such as real-time fingerprintidentification and high-resolution video more available. Built on commercialnetworking standards, IPWireless’ products improve first responders’effectiveness and safety by providing them with greater access to information.

Thecompany’s 700 MHz LTE (Long Term Evolution) products and mobile broadcastsolutions are intended to meet the emerging requirements of the nationwideinteroperable broadband network required in the recently enacted Middle ClassTax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. That network is envisioned to providemunicipal agencies with priority access to services such as mobile fieldreporting and photo and crime databases, for improved law enforcement andofficer safety.

“Firstresponders need fast, reliable and secure access to full-motion video and otherhigh-bandwidth services to protect the public and themselves,” said ChrisMarzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems. “Recent legislativeinitiatives have accelerated the adoption of these technologies throughout thepublic safety community and IPWireless provides the end-user devices andscalable networking components that enable that access.

“Building on our legacy as a trusted providerof mission-critical military networking capabilities and applications thatdeliver access to lifesaving data on the battlefield, IPWireless’ technologieswill allow General Dynamics to expand our commercial networking solutions tobetter serve the needs of our U.S. defense and civilian customers, andinternational customers as well,” Marzilli said.

Networksthat rely on IPWireless’ equipment include the New York City Wireless Network(NYCWiN), the nation’s largest multi-agency government network.Spanning all five boroughs of New York City,the network comprises approximately 400 cell sites, providing prioritized andpreemptive network access by government officials and emergency responsepersonnel. NYCWiN delivers applications such as wireless video, remote trafficcontrol, sensor management and automatic vehicle location. It also supports awide range of city functions such as building and health inspection andmonitoring key municipal installations and utilities.

IPWirelesstechnology is also being deployed in an LTE communications system supportingAdams County, Colorado. That network will deliver public safety users access tonext-generation broadband capabilities such as streaming video, remote dataaccess and information sharing.

“IPWireless has been a standard bearer in the emerging broadband segmentand looks forward to continuing to work with its existing partners andenhancing General Dynamics' portfolio with this contemporary, mission-criticalcapability,' said Bill Jones, chief executive officer for IPWireless.

Whenthe transaction is completed, IPWireless will be renamed General Dynamics Broadbandand will operate as a subsidiary of General Dynamics C4 Systems, which is basedin Scottsdale, Ariz.General Dynamics C4systems designs, manufacturers and delivers trusted and secure communicationssystems, command and control systems and operational hardware to customerswithin the U.S. Department of Defense, federal and civilian agencies, theintelligence community and international customers.

IPWirelessis based in San Francisco and has approximately 90 employees worldwide.  More informationabout IPWireless is available at

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